Top 14 Amazing Facts About Bank of America [Review]

Bank of America is the world’s main economic group that now not most effective serves person clients but small, middle-marketplace organizations and large companies providing an entire range of banking centers and other management products and services. Bank of America basically presents its help inside the United States by using assisting 66 million buyers and agencies. 

They have almost 4300 finance facilities and about 16500 ATM machines installed. Its digital banking machine is extraordinary with 35 million cell customers. All this makes Bank of America a international leader inside the banking zone. All its offerings are very smooth to use and its packages easy to manipulate. The company assists customers thru services throughout the USA, its provinces, and roughly around 35 international locations.

Facts About Bank of America

1. Bank of America or Bank of Italy?

The historic account of Bank of America can be tracked down to 3 many years back whilst it was acknowledged by way of the name of Bank of Italy. However, there was one characteristic that separated it from all of the different banks in operation in America and that turned into extending its help to the immigrants and most effective restricting to the wealthy American lot.

It become taken over with the aid of the Nation’s Bank in the year 1998, and it turned into then while it was renamed Bank of America too. This event became the maximum distinguished financial institution acquisition event within the complete records. The in addition events that observed this acquisition led the Bank of America from being a regional participant to a national one.

2. World’s biggest Wealth Management Corporation

Due to these acquisitions of Merrill Lynch, the Bank of America has now end up the sector’s biggest and most popular banking organization. The financial institution prides itself in supporting the pinnacle wealth management stocks and private asset shares together with acquiring excessive internet worth shoppers.

3.     Behind the Golden Gate Bridge

The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper termed the Golden Gate Bridge as a “Thirty-Five Million Dollar Steel Harp” while it became inaugurated in 1937. You might be amazed to understand that this wonderful achievement by the civil engineers turned into clearly funded by means of the Bank of America. The bridge is 4200 feet in length and the traverses the Golden Gate Strait to unit Marin County and San Francisco.

4. Nantucket Pacific Bank

The financial institution Nantucket Pacific turned into named as to symbolize the bond among the island of Nantucket and the Pacific Ocean, a motive of the increasing marketplace from the whaling industry. Furthermore, there may be simplest a single financial institution that may claim to the identification with a comet, extinguishing a fireplace breakout, website hosting a famend America author, and the growth of prosperity in Nantucket Island. It changed into on third March 1804 whilst the Massachusetts senate legal the Nantucket Pacific Bank.

5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It became the beginning of the twentieth century while the world welcomed its first characteristic-length animated film. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs hit the theatres on Feb 4, 1938 and become financed via the Bank of America. The film broke a file for sales started out a commotion among the movie critics for whom film like this became one in every of its kind. This event hooked up a relationship between Disney and Bank of America which in the end caused investment for even greater Disney films. The listing of movies includes Bambi, Cinderella, Dumbo, Fantasia, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Tres Caballeros. In next years, the Bank of America additionally funded the improvement of Disney Land and Disney.

6. Financed Disney Land

Walt Disney’s imaginative and prescient changed into totally an enjoyment park for kids in which the life of creativeness might emerge as actual. Despite his initials skepticism, he wanted to deliver to life the attraction of his lively movies for the youngsters. Along with Bank of America, which funded the development of Disney land in Anaheim, California in the Fifties, Walt Disney gave shape to his desires.

7. Chaplin’s ‘The Kid’

The first-rate comic megastar and the comedian of the silent film enterprise, Charlie Chaplin changed into universally recognized. “Little Tramp”, an ungainly however fascinating individual, was some thing he changed into pleasant remembered for. As he became director, it changed into his first characteristic-duration film. The Kid, which became funded by way of the Bank of America in 1919 for 250000 dollars. You might note that during this period, many banks thought of it as a volatile flow, but the Bank of America had complete religion in being convinced that the film enterprise turned into stable.

8. Chicago Scenario

The oldest historical past bank of the Bank of America, The Merchants Saving Loan and Trust Company, contributed no longer handiest the growth of Chicago even as its population extended but additionally in the reconstruction of the whole town after the activities of the Great Fire.

9. Women’s Bank

Bank of Italy, as we instructed above, turned into the historical past financial institution of the Bank of America in San Francisco, which changed into instrumental in growing the States “ first bank through and for women”. It was referred to as the Women’s Banking Department, which was definitely a financial institution within a bank itself that supplied the ladies with a danger to gain authority over their own accounts and by means of which they may take care of their investment with out the involvement in their husbands.

10. Modern Day Credit Cards

The nationally licensed credit card application started with the aid of the Bank of America changed into  first of all called BANK AMERICARD which steadily, due to sizeable reputation and adoption via customers everywhere in the globe renamed itself Visa. Due to an growth inside the economic shape of the economic system. It changed into apparent that the purchaser’s self belief became expanded too. It became in 1955 that the bank established its first humongous computer utility for banking networks. It regularly built up the same utility to promote new programs for the credit cardholders to look after the consumer’s heightened versatility and want for more comprehensive carrier in buying capability.

11. National Anthem of America

An antique patron and the solicitor for The Bank of the Metropolis, Bank of America’s background financial institution, Francis Scott Key’s popular composition, that eventually have become America’s countrywide anthem and the structure that housed the bank were results of excellent conquests over British strikes while the War of 1812 become in progress.

12. The First ATM

The first ATM by using the Bank of America become built in San Francisco on the Stones-metropolis branch in the September of 1969.

13. Survival of the St. Louis

The Boatmen’s Saving institution that we formerly knew is virtually Bank of America’s oldest history bank west of the Mississippi. It changed into instrumental in helping the growing, striving metropolis of St. Louis repair its labor elegance. Being a result of which, St. Louis not simplest sustained itself however thrived however limitless tragedies that characterized its historical documents, which marks a cholera outbreak that eliminated almost 6 percentage of the city’s population, the famous Great St. Louis Fire that ravaged 23 liners and as a minimum 4 hundred and thirty buildings, and finally, an monetary emergency related to the arrival of the Civil War.

14. First Saleswomen

It changed into in the course of the instances whilst the ladies were not allowed to vote and after they barely stepped outside their houses to earn their bread and butter, Merrill Lynch created records in the offset of the years whilst the women’s liberation movement had just commenced by recruiting America’s first bond saleslady.

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