Easy Steps to Enable 2-Factor Authentication on YouTube Channel

Easy Steps to Enable 2-Factor Authentication on Your YouTube Channel. In this tutorial, we are going to be talking about a topic: Easy Steps to Enable 2-Factor Authentication on Your YouTube Channel that has to do with YouTube but it also has to do with the Google and that is
2-step verification.

How do you turn on two-step verification on your YouTube Channel and why am I even bringing it up, well just take a look here. So, let’s start to enable 2-factor authentication on your YouTube Channel.

Easy Steps to Enable 2-Factor Authentication on YouTube Channel

I want to go to my YouTube studio so I’m logged in and I click the upper right and they have in YouTube studio area. Here a little info bar up at the top. I have a video about that somewhere on this channel but you can see here to help protect against hackers.

Go to Your Google Account

Make sure you and others who have permission to access your YouTube channel turn on two-step verification. So how do we do this so first of all, what do you need to do. Do we need to go to your Google account or go to my Google account 

Select Security Option

I guess and that is at my account google.com. Don’t put it as mine or you won’t get it but my account Google.com okay and then on the left-hand side, you’ll see some options, we want to go to security it’s the fourth one down when we go to the security page will come up and you’ll have some security issues you can say hey look security issues found.

Signing in to Google

So you can look into that but for right now I want to use the 2-step verification. It’s right here and you can see that soft so if I click that it says 2-step verification protects your account extra layer security keeps the bad guys out

Select Get Started

Click get started and when you click get started it’s going to ask you to log into your accounts that we’re gonna do that don’t look at my password and then verify to you something unusual okay. Well that’s okay send me a text on my phone is here and this is pretty much about 2-step verification. 

They will say hold on we’re gonna send you a code and when you get that code, I like to get it texted to me I’m gonna put that code in enter the code and the code always changes and once you do that. 

Set up your Phone Number

It will now ask you to let us set up your phone put your phone number in there and then you can choose how you want to get your codes, because the two-factor Asian is going to send in that code to you so you can either do a call or text message and don’t want to use text messages or voice call you can choose another option.

Those other options are the security key or Google prompt a small physical device or get a Google prompt on your phone and then just step tap yes. Okay so anyway, I’m gonna put my phone number in and it was okay so, they gave me the code.

Turn on 2-Step Verification

I put it in and Google says Hit work do you want to turn it on so it’s still not on it’s just letting you know that it will work and if it does work you can choose to turn 2-step verification on and there we go.

So if you have an issue with the possible hackers and all of that or if you just want to be extra super safe, turn on that 2-step verification and that is how you do it if you want to turn it off just go through those steps backwards. 

Yeah anyway have a good day. Let me know if you have any questions, then ask me in the comment section

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