How to change published date and permalink of blogger post for Better SEO

Hi! Friends if you want to change your published date and permalink of blog post for Better SEO and you have no idea about this. So no worries this article step by step describes you how you can change your published date and permalink of blog post. After reading this article carefully you will be able to change published date and permalink of blog post for Better SEO.

For good practices in Search engine optimization each of your blog post URL have to incorporate the key phrases which you are targeting.  When you create and publish a blog post, the URL (permalink) will automatically be generated through Blogger.

Blogger generates this type of Blog URL

The identify is the keyword you’re used and that’s what Blogger generates as a URL to your published post. For lengthy titles, Blogger will generate an extend URL which Google hates as well as Google doesn’t give much more importance for anticipate phrases. 

change published date and permalink of blog post

So higher make your blog post URL quick. Here let’s see the way to make the blog publish URL in Blogger as well as changing the permalink URL for a published blogger post.

Instructions before changing URL of published blog post.


Before changing the URL of blog post in blogger you need some instructions which is very important.

Use of Hyphen(-) not underscores(_)

Be positive to avoid prevent phrases and use your foremost keywords in your blog URL and make it quick not more than 5 words. Also use hyphens (-) for setting apart words and not underscores (_), due to the fact Google considers it as a single word.

To change the blog post URL in Blogger just drop down the submit settings subsequent beneath to publish button. Now you’ll see permalink in which you need to pick custom permalink and exchange the URL and click publish.

How to change published date of the post URL?

change published date and permalink of blog post


1. Below the labels option in blog post there is Published on option present.

2. Click on it.

3. Select date and time schedule.

4. Add your date which you want.

How to change URL permalink for a published post?


Before changing the permalink of your published blog post, you must have a copy of your vintage URL which we use it later on this post.

Can you change your published blog post URL?

The answer is yes!

Let’s say you have created a blog post and edited the publish URL numerous months before. Later on, you have got noted something wrong with that URL and desire to exchange the permalink URL of that posted blog post. When you are geared up to post a new submit you can alternate the permalink URL and that’s what we discussed above.  

Blogger doesn’t will let you change permalink of the published blog post and so there are many people who copy the content from that post and create a new one with custom URL. That is a incorrect way and here is how to exchange the permalink of posted submit.


1. On the top of you blog post Preview option is present.

2. Click on its dot which is close to it.


change published date and permalink of blog post

3. Revert to draft option is here.

4. Click on it.

5. After 2-3 seconds click on Permalink option which given below published on option.

6. Select custom permalink.

change published date and permalink of blog post

7. Add your URL in which you want to add.

8. Click on publish. Your post will be published with your selected URL.

After reading this article if you have any doubt or issue then click in the comment section and give me your feedback about this article. Feel free to give me your feedback. Thank you!

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