Unlocking the Magic: Top 10 Incredible Features🔥of iOS 16 YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Hello Friends! In this blog we will discuss about “Unlocking the Magic: 10 Incredible Features of iOS 16 YOU NEED TO KNOW!” Next iphone 14 is going to release with. So there are top 10 new features right here of apple’s iOS 16 HQ.

As we know iOS is the most used mobile phones in the world, and the iOS company introduces legitimate features in their iPhone. iOS is the powerful, beautiful with eye catching design that has ever 10 incredible features and you should know about these.

“Top 10 Incredible Features of iOS 16 YOU NEED TO KNOW!”


Properly live wallpapers sort of you still can not get full moving screen video wallpapers like you can get on android but you do not get wallpapers that
animate. As you transition between the lock screen and the home screen
it is pretty much a one to one of a feature that xiaomi has had for
years now but still it does add a much needed touch of life to the
iOS 16.

10 Incredible Features of iOS
10 Incredible Features🔥of iOS


New wallpaper gallery if you want to find new wallpapers all the time pretty much your only option is to head onto the app store and download one of those free wallpaper apps that serves you an ad every single time when you click a button in mobile phone. Well apple is now trying to bring this feature internally.

So now when you go to choose a new wallpaper, your phone will serve you a combination of both new wallpapers that it thinks you’ll like and also photos you’ve already taken that it thinks a good fit. Oh yeah and also I like a kind of this because I get bored on my home screen easily you can now set it to shuffle. So every single time you check your iPhone’s lock screen there is a new wallpaper automatically applied.  

10 Incredible Features of iOS
10 Incredible Features🔥of iOS

Feature #3. MESSAGES

Messages has also had an upgrade. Simple update but one that it will probably affect a lot of people, you can now edit messages after you’ve sent them. In case, let’s say you send a message wrong; you can undo messages and also can mark a message thread as unread, but this is where it becomes delectably moist because more important than wallpapers and messages is how iOS 16 oversees to improve the general intelligence of iPhones.

So you might know that right now when you take a photo on an iPhone you can interact with the text in that photo but with the new iOS you can also pause any video and interact with the text within any frame you’ve

10 Incredible Features of iOS
10 Incredible Features🔥of iOS

New quick actions in the camera which let you perform currency conversion and translate text in real time, also I think this is even enhance a feature called visual lookup. It lets you touch and hold the subject of a photo. Let’s say your dog and then immediately it can remove the subject separating it from the background to be able to paste that subject into other apps.

Let’s say messages and finally speech recognition is now more intelligent when you’re using speech to text on your iPhone it’ll now automatically add in punctuation and in some way even emojis.

Feature #4. SHARING

let’s talk about sharing because I really get the impression that sharing is the thing that apple is trying to double down. On right now so first up is photo sharing which is trying to address the very real problem of each member of a family or friendship group having their own set of photos that they’ve taken but never the full set of photos that everyone’s taken.

So iOS 16 now generates a shared iCloud photo library with up to five people and you can set the rules that speak aloud what gets shared to that folder like. For example, the site that a photo was taken in or who is in fact in that shot and even within the camera app you now have an option to shoot photos straight-forwardly to a shared iCloud library.

It’s very convenient but i do also feel like there’s a high likelihood of accidentally sharing something that you did not want to share. Sharing is not always caring there is also a lot more highlight on sharing things by the messages app.

So for example you know share play, the capability to view films or go on apps together at the same time with your friends you can now leap into shareplay apps directly from messages. And as well as ways to extend the amount that you share apple is also trying to allow you to reduce the amount with something that they’re calling safety.

Check which is made for individuals experiencing of abusive relationships to be able to
really swiftly stop sharing your location to be able to reset your privacy settings and also to sign out of iCloud and apple messages on all your devices except the one you’re using.

Feature #5. APPLE PAY

This is very smart but number five seems like kind of a huge deal and it’s to do with apple pay. Now one new thing coming is that you’re very soon going to be able to tap two iPhones together and just with that transfer money from one user to another user that’s pretty cool already, But then something I think it is absolutely enormous  feature that they’re calling apple pay later it basically.

Lets you when you’re about to buy a product using apple pay to split that payment up into four separate chunks with zero interest and no fees so at the point where you’re buying something apple pays the full amount of that purchase to the company and then over the course of the next six weeks takes back that amount bit by bit from your account it’s almost like apple’s becoming a bank.

Feature# 6. APPLE WALLET

They’re also lasering in on expanding the apple wallet. You can kind of tell that the end goal here what apple’s trying to achieve with iOS is to effectively replace your actual wallet. So for example right now they’re working with various states and cities to try to make your apple wallet hold your driving license.

Also your keys, your apple wallet can now hold your hotel keys, your office keys, your home keys and just like with a physical key that you could  know take out of your wallet and hand over to someone else. You can now just send someone one of your virtual keys through apple messages. Can you imagine if you sent them to the wrong contact though apple maps?

Feature #7. APPLE MAPS

The new apple maps is also kind of
exciting now just to give you a little bit of context. I’m pretty much mostly a google maps user. I quite like how it’s  not focused on being ultimately streamlined and instead just focuses on getting as many features in as possible.

But there is enough new stuff coming to apple maps that I’m pretty keen to give it another go. There’s an upgraded 3d view which highlights buildings with better elevation and improved detail and to be fair on the demos. They showed us this looks insane with even a different aesthetic depending on whether your phone is set to light mode or dark mode.

But I think we do need to see how it looks in the more day-to-day more normal rural scenarios to come to a conclusion but there’s more you can now plan a route with up to 15 different stops.

In advance you can plan that route on your mac and then send it straight to your iPhone which is actually something that I would use it will save me the couple of minutes that it takes to re-enter it on my phone. Also you can see the fares and actually make the payment for those fares of any public transport within the apple maps app.


One of the things that I’m most excited about though is how iOS 16 handles notifications and i think the key thing it’s trying to do is reduce that feeling of spam. So for starters, notifications now come up from the bottom of your lock screen instead of near the top.

But then also I imagine I’m not the only one who has a couple of apps that try to ping me like 10 different times per day. You get this a lot, if you use sporting apps they’ll give you a new notification literally anytime, even the most minor thing happens.

So iOS 16 separates them it puts these activity-based notifications into a separate live activities section. It makes them more compact and it allows you to set them so that they don’t bug you in the same way that notifications that actually require your attention need too.


I would say the most significant change in iOS 16 is the lock screen. It taking it’s sweet sweet time but finally we have proper lock screen customization. You press and hold on your screen and it takes you to the editor mode.

It’s a very apple experience like it’s definitely somewhat controlled like you can’t change the core format of the screen and you still can’t move around the camera icon or the flashlight icon but in traditional apple style, it does make the customization very easy like with one swipe.

You can change the color filter applied to the wallpaper, you can change the text font, you can change the text color and then if you don’t love the automatic settings that apple’s chosen for you. You can tap on any individual element to have a fiddle yourself, the your phone can detect the multiple different layers within a portrait mode. Shot that you’ve taken and sandwich the clock between them there’s a new look to music with bigger album art.

Feature #10. WIDGETS

Widgets in iOS 14 apple introduced widgets on the home screen, and now in iOS 16, you get widgets on the lock screen and they’re not just the same widgets repurposed, they’re brand new and they’re custom made to fit better.

Also you can now have one lock screen for when you’re at work with your work notifications, your work wallpaper and your work widgets and then with one swipe, you can switch to your personal ones a lot of these features are not new to smartphones but the fact that they’ve been made easy here means that I think a lot more people are about to start using.

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