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If data offered companies great opportunities in 2022, this should be the case again this year with several issues to be addressed, both technological and environmental. Among these challenges to be met, we find the rise of the Apache Spark software in terms of uses, issues related to cybersecurity with in particular the securing of environments and compliance with the GDPR, but also the integration of more virtuous IT practices. , or the maintenance of data quality.

Data is a sector that has many advantages, with emerging professions but also under pressure. Salaries are attractive, often higher than for other IT professions. And above all, its prospects are sustainable because it will continue to prosper within companies, with key hirings for future professionals who wish to move or retrain in this direction, explains Frédéric Rouby, director and co-founder of the school La Passerelle des Métiers du Numérique (PMN).

What are the most sought-after data jobs by recruiters in 2023?

If the data sector is currently on the rise, it is full of exciting and multidisciplinary professions, which are evolving rapidly with the rise of new technologies, and which are particularly sought after by recruiters on the job market.

Data engineer, the profession at the heart of the system

The data engineer is in charge of setting up the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the collection and processing of data. His role is essential because he configures the platform to adapt the data in order to make it useful and usable for other professions, such as the data analyst and the data scientist.

It is for these main roles that I decided to train as a data engineer at the PMN school. This is a very important job and one that has a high responsibility, because it builds the foundation of the data processing house, which must be solid given the volume of data to be processed, which is only increasing every day. , confirms Julien Bobeuf, master’s student in data engineering and work-study at Capgemini.

Skills expected: systems and networks, programming languages ​​(R, Python, Java, Scala), technological platforms and big data databases (Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, etc.) and ETL tools (Extract Transform Load).

Data analyst, the profession that values ​​data

The data analyst has a more “technical-functional” profile. He must understand and translate the needs of his customers or his company. He implements and values ​​the data, while checking that the system is working correctly. Its objective: to produce intelligent and intelligible reports, through a process of data storytellingin order to steer performance and assist in strategic decision-making.

Skills expected: the architecture of data warehouses and data lakes, data analysis and statistics, restitution tools such as Power BI, Google Locker or Tableau Software.

Other occupations in tension in the field of data

Among the other data professions sought by recruiters in 2023, we also find the profession of data scientist, who will work with the two positions mentioned above, and whose specificity consists in using data for predictive purposes with a view to develop algorithms.

Another essential profile for promoting data processing: the data manager. It is responsible for feeding the infrastructure set up by the data engineer. It also streamlines the data, harmonizes it and monitors its quality to make it usable. Or the smart data-oriented digital project manager, who manages digital projects, such as websites or CRM-type tools for his clients.

How can you facilitate your professional integration into the data professions?

To pursue a career in data, and become a data engineer or data analyst for example, it is essential to master the skills expected by recruiters, but also to know how to highlight them when looking for a job or a work-study program.

Business-oriented training courses with key certifications

The PMN school offers various training courses oriented around the data professions, which allow you to acquire the technical knowledge, but also the human qualities necessary, in order to meet the needs of companies.

We have designed a global curriculum where, upon obtaining the baccalaureate, students will be able to prepare a bachelor’s degree with the acquisition of all the fundamentals of development and systems, in order to obtain a solid IT base at the end of the 2 first years, with a 3rd year of specialization, emphasizes the director.

Here are the courses offered by the PMN school according to the profession chosen:

To promote your professional integration, each course allows you to obtain an RNCP title (National Directory of Professional Certifications) either level 6 (for the bachelor, equivalent bac+3) or level 7 (for the master, equivalent bac+5 ), as well as professional certification on a technological solution on the market (Microsoft, Oracle, ServiceNow, etc.). Result: you value the expertise obtained and thus boost your employability with recruiters.

Work-study training in partnership with Capgemini

If you opt for the data engineer course, you also have the possibility of completing your 2nd year of a work-study master’s degree within the partner company Capgemini, which welcomes 30 to 40% of the students of the PMN school each year. The program is directly validated by IT managers, which ensures work-study trainees receive training in line with the latest technological developments and market needs. Another advantage: a place as a work-study student at Capgemini is guaranteed, and a permanent contract is targeted at the end of the course.

My apprenticeship within Capgemini allows me to learn, to manipulate data, while combining theory and practice. A mentor is dedicated to us as soon as we arrive and we work on projects that are both innovative and formative. There is nothing more motivating than being able to feel both involved in various very interesting projects and valued through the tasks we perform on a daily basis, continues the work-study student Julien Bobeuf.

Support for the PMN school and professional workshops

Whatever training is chosen within the PMN school, the alternating rhythm is one week of lessons and 3 weeks in the company. Among the other measures offered, you benefit from support from the business relations unit to find a host company, with missions that are validated by the teaching teams for better learning of the profession.

Workshops are organized to optimize your CV with LinkedIn and Michael Page, and platforms to easily find job offers and job dating are at your disposal. Management courses are taught, as well as professional English to qualify for positions with an international dimension.

Admissions for September 2023 are open with limited places depending on the course. To register, just click on the link below.

Training in data professions on a work-study basis