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Among the new features of Microsoft 365: Teams Premium, with features integrating ChatGPT technology.

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Recap Teams AI

AI-generated summaries for Teams meetings can be a huge time-saver. © Microsoft

Microsoft has communicated many new features on Microsoft 365. Among them, the availability of Microsoft Teams Premium from €8.40 per month (price displayed at $7 per month on the official site). New features were also announced for Microsoft Viva Engage and Whiteboard. We take stock!

Microsoft Teams Premium integrates ChatGPT technology

Announced several weeks ago, the paid version of Microsoft Teams now integrates artificial intelligence, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5.

First novelty: the function smart recap. Notes will be generated automatically by the AI ​​to retain the key points of each meeting. The feature will also generate suggested actions to take during meetings as you can see in the image above.

Meeting recordings will also be improved, with the addition of custom timelines that only the user will have access to. As of today, you can see when you joined or left a meeting, but many other markers are announced, such as when your name was mentioned during the video conference, or when a screen was shared. In the same spirit, Powerpoint Live has been optimized and now includes AI-powered chapters. This allows you to highlight the beginning and end of the different parts of a presentation.

Teams Premium Timeline
Currently only in-meeting and out-of-meeting cues are available. © Microsoft

Better personalization and more protections

Among the other features of Teams Premium, we find the customization of the visual appearance of meetings, in order to make it coincide with the graphic charter of the company, thus making it possible to reinforce the brand image.

Meeting settings are also customizable, providing the ability for corporate IT admins to create templates for different meeting types.

Finally, the configuration of meetings is also optimized to reinforce security. Restrictions on who can record a meeting are available, helping to protect confidential data.

Other new features announced on Microsoft 365

In its blog post, Microsoft also announces new features for various software in the 365 suite.

About Viva Engage

  • The option Leadership Corner, which allows direct communication between the managers and employees of a company,
  • The events Ask Me Anything (AMA), during which employees and managers practice a question and answer exercise,
  • Functionality Answers in Viva, enhanced by AI, which prompts employees to ask a question, and provides an answer if similar questions have already been asked. The feature can also recommend an expert within the organization,
  • Yammer will be fully integrated with Viva Engage in 2023.
Leadership Corner
Announced in September 2022, the Leadership Corner is now available on Viva Engage. © Microsoft

On Whiteboard

  • It is now possible to copy a Loop component from Teams, Outlook, and Word for the web and paste it into Whiteboard. Loop components are synchronized between different software,
  • A timer is integrated to allow teams to better manage their time.