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The paid version of ChatGPT is rolling out more widely…

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The free version of ChatGPT is still available. © Rokas –

OpenAI speeds deployment of ChatGPT Plus

In early February, OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT Plus, its first paid plan. After a deployment in the United States, OpenAI begins to offer its subscription in new countries including France.

ChatGPT Plus at $24 per month in France, VAT included

Since February 10, OpenAI offers users in France to switch to the paid version of ChatGPT which offers 3 advantages: availability even when demand is high (no more the famous ChatGPT is at capacity right now), a much faster response speed, and priority access to new features.

If the subscription is displayed at 20 dollars per month at the start, it is actually 24 dollars per month if we take into account the 20% VAT (see image below). So, will you be willing to pay $24 a month to use ChatGPT Plus? For intensive use, this may be interesting, but for very occasional use, the price seems a bit excessive and the free version may be sufficient. During the launch of ChatGPT Plus, the American company also indicated that it was studying the possibility of deploying plans that are less expensive than the one presented.

The price that appears at the end of the shopping journey. © OpenAI / CaptureBDM

How to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus?

To subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Login to ChatGPT interface,
  2. In the options bar on the left, click Upgrade to Plus,
  3. A window opens, click on Upgrade plan,
  4. Enter the required information, then click Subscribe.

Will the free version of ChatGPT be discontinued?

The launch of its paid plan does not call into question the existing free version, on the contrary: “by offering this subscription price, we will be able to support the availability of free access for as many people as possible” indicates OpenAI.

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