Midjourney V5 is available and generates even more realistic images: how to access it

With V5, Midjourney is undergoing a major evolution! The tool offers even more impressive AI-generated images than before…

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Here are AI generated images with V5. © Midjourney

Midjourney is one of the best-known AI image generators, like DALL-E developed by OpenAI. These tools are able, from a simple text description, to generate images that correspond to the request. This week, Midjourney just announced the arrival of V5. A new milestone!

Midjourney V5: what’s new?

To fully understand what changes with the previous version, here is how Midjourney V5 is a more efficient version:

  • A much wider stylistic range,
  • More varied image outputs,
  • Greater responsiveness to the prompt (prompt),
  • Truly superior image quality (x2 resolution),
  • More detailed pictures,
  • Seamless texture support.

On his introductory message, Midjourney also indicates an important point: “It’s MUCH more ‘no opinion’ than v3 and v4, and it’s tuned to provide a wide variety of results and to be very responsive to your input. »

Here are examples that compare the results between V4 and V5:

How to use Midjourney V5

To test Midjourney V5, several conditions to know:

To discover examples of images generated with V5, go to Twitter with the hashtag #midjourneyv5.

This is an alpha test and things will change. Don’t count on this exact model being available in the future. It will be significantly modified as V5 reaches full maturity, Midjourney points out.

Understand how Midjourney works with Discord

If you have never used Midjourney before, here is our Instagram post below to understand how this AI image generator works and especially how to access it on Discord. To go further, Midjourney also offers a complete guide in English.