Microsoft launches Bing ChatGPT on Windows 11: here’s how to access it

Microsoft is launching several major new features on Windows 11, including the integration of Bing ChatGPT into users’ taskbars.

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Rain of new features on Windows 11: the addition of Bing ChatGPT, iPhone messages on PC, a video screen capture tool… © Microsoft

Microsoft rolls out Bing ChatGPT on Windows 11

New milestone for Microsoft! The firm integrates its new Bing into the search bar located on the Windows 11 desktop to provide quick access to its ChatGPT-based search engine. This integration is strategic and once again allows Microsoft to give visibility to its “in-house ChatGPT” because the search bar is one of the most used features on Windows. “with more than half a billion users each month”.

A preview of Bing ChatGPT embedded in the taskbar on Windows 11. © Microsoft

Soon, hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users will be able to access this amazing new technology to search, chat, answer questions and generate content right on their Windows taskbar, Microsoft points out.

How to access Bing ChatGPT on Windows 11?

To get Bing ChatGPT on Windows 11 you need to:

  1. Have received access to Bing ChatGPT: you must first join the waiting list to gain access to the new Bing. As a reminder, Bing ChatGPT is still in preview, which means that it is not deployed for everyone yet, hence the need to request access. If you have already received this access, go to step 2.
  2. Install the latest Windows 11 update: to get the latest Windows 11 update and access new features, go to Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates.

Other Windows 11 new features to know

Among the other major new features announced by Microsoft:

  • Messages and calls from iPhone to PC: Microsoft announces Phone Link for iOS (application Mobile connected in French). iPhone owners will soon be able to connect their iPhone to their Windows 11 PC to exchange messages and calls, which was only possible on Android until then.
  • A video screen capture tool: Microsoft allows you to record a video of your screen. The new option is integrated into the tool Screenshot classic that you know that already allows you to take screenshots of images. Shortcut to access it: Windows key + SHIFT + S.
  • Tabs for the Notepad application: Microsoft also offers the possibility of using several tabs in Notepad as you can already do on Chrome.
  • New widgets: Microsoft also allows you to add new widgets (Phone Link, Xbox Game Pass) but also widgets from third-party partners such as Spotify and Facebook Messenger.
An overview of received iPhone messages and calls on Windows 11. © Microsoft