Microsoft is testing 3 new response styles for Bing ChatGPT: Creative, Balanced, Accurate

Microsoft wants to improve the responses of its chatbot by offering 3 new response tones: more creative, more balanced or more precise.

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On the new Bing, you can now click on any response tone you want. © CaptureBDM

3 new response tones for the new Bing

After the many drifts of its chatbot which is based on ChatGPT, Microsoft is rectifying the situation by testing 3 different tones of responses to requests from users who have access to the new Bing. The objective is to “give you more control over the type of cat behavior that best suits your needs” indicates the firm. As a reminder, the new Bing was unveiled by Microsoft in early February.

Here is how Microsoft defines the different styles offered:

  • More creative: the answers are original, thus creating surprises and entertainment for you.
  • More balanced: responses are reasonable and consistent, balancing precision and creativity in conversation.
  • More precise : responses are brief and concise, and prioritize accuracy and relevance to you.

An example of a query with the 3 response tones

We performed a test to see the differences between the 3 response tones: creative, balanced and precise. Our question was: Can you give me travel ideas in Europe? (see pictures below).

We note that the creative tone uses the familiarity unlike the balanced tone, which adopts formality and a more sustained language. In terms of precise tone, it is indeed much less descriptive than the other two, aiming to be more concise in its response. The common point of the 3 tones: the chatbot asks a question at the end of the answer to encourage the Internet user to specify his request. In our test request, the chatbot asks the same question but formulated differently depending on the tone:

  • Creative : Which destination appeals to you the most?
  • Balance : What type of travel interests you the most?
  • More precise : Do you have a preference for a specific type of trip or destination?

Here are the 3 visuals corresponding to the 3 tones of the Bing chatbot:

The more creative tone. © CaptureBDM
The more balanced tone. © CaptureBDM
The more precise tone. © CaptureBDM

Microsoft continues to innovate, what about Google?

Microsoft continues to mobilize all its forces to develop its new Bing because it allows it to revive its search engine lurking in the shadow of Google for years. It is true that Microsoft is more than ever in the forefront thanks to the integration of ChatGPT in its applications, but Google could soon catch up and make Bard, its equivalent of ChatGPT, accessible to a wider audience. The battle of the two tech giants in the field of artificial intelligence has only just begun…