How I got “13.7$ in Just 10 days” without doing ANYTHING?

Hello Friends, In this article I will share the strategy that I used to make 13.7$ in just 10 DAYS but without doing NOTHING. I will show you, how also you can make money online DAILY without doing nothing.

There are many platforms that offers you to earn online but in those platforms you worked day and night but just get minimum earnings.

Here is the BEST PLATFORM that offers an online earning DAILY. In this platform, I earned 13.7$ in just 10 days, without doing nothing!

TradingCoinz Blockchain Technology is a website that offers its’s investors to invest in their website and earn maximum profit through investment plans. This website is totally secure and based on Blockchain Technology System. It gives profit to their investors through CRYPTO TRADING (Halal Profit).

The investors invest their money in this website and in return get Profit for LIFETIME. All investment plans of this website are made according to user’s demanding profit.

At the heart of Tradingcoinz platform lies the robust and secure blockchain system, a technological marvel that ensures transparency, decentralization, and trust in every transaction.

Blockchain, the driving force behind CRYPTOCURRENCIES, eliminates intermediaries, creating a peer-to-peer network where users have control over their financial destiny.

How Do I Earn(halal) Profit?

In simple words, you can earn profit from this website using their investment plans. This website offers their investors to invest in their website and generate unlimited profit for the lifetime.

The plans are starting from minimum investment to a high level of investment. The minimum investment in this website is just 8$. And maximum investment limit is 10,000$. The returned profit will be given to investors according to their amount of investment. The more they invested, the more investors can earn.

Also with the users referral link, you can invite your friends through your referral link which will be generated automatically after registration. The referral commission is 2.5% per user. You can earn money through referrals.

The investors can see their profit in their DASHBAORD after 24 hours daily. They can withdraw their daily profit money at ay time. The minimum withdraw limit is 8$.

How does this company works ad gives(halal) Profit?

This website uses the investors money for crypto trading to buy crypto coins. When the amount of coins becomes low, this website buy these coins and when the amount of these coins becomes High, this website sell these coins and earn a maximum profit (halal). From total profit, they return half of the profit to it’s investors for the lifetime.

Also this website, buy the Shares of World’s Biggest Companies e.g. Buy the shares of ELON MUSK company: Tesla, SpaceX, Buy the shares of Apple company. Buy the shares of Al-Mufflihon Pakistan’s Biggest Company and many more.

They get profit from these shares, these share’s profit also returned to their investors. In this way, Investors get profit lifetime.

How do I invest in this company?

  1. In this Blockchain Technology System website, firstly you need to register your account.
  2. Then, the user dashboard will appear on your screen.
  3. When you will register on this website, you will receive registration bonus= 0.5$
  4. Deposit the amount using deposit option.
  5. After deposit amount, click on investments option.
  6. Choose the investment plans according to your deposit amount.
  7. Invest the amount in plans and get daily Profit.
  8. Profit will be given to investors after 24 hours automatically, profit will be shown in your dashboard.

How Do I Register and Get Daily (Halal) Profit?

Open any of your web browser and search for The website will appear on your web browser. The look of this website is so amazing and outstanding. This website is responsive for all devices.

Steps to Register Account:

  1. Go to website.
  2. To register on website, click on Register button which shown on the top of right side.
  3. Enter username, your, phone number and password.
  4. Then, click on register.
  5. When you will register, you will receive registration bonus=0.5$.
  6. Congratulations you are registered to Tradingcoinz Blockchain Technology system.
  7. Also you will be added to Tradingcoinz WhatsApp Community.

How to deposit money and Start Earn Today?

  1. Go to website. Click on Login button in the Menus option.
  2. Click on the 3 menus lines, left side of the dashboard.
  3. Deposit option you will see, just click on this.
  4. Select the currency, USD or PKR.
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  6. The minimum deposit amount is 8$.
  7. Click on Submit.
  8. After this, Send the payment the ADDRESS that will be mentioned on the website.
  9. Upload the payment sending screenshots on the file option.
  10. Click on PAY NOW! option.
  11. Your deposit request will mentioned on their website.
  12. After checking the amount and payment proof screenshots, this website will approve your request under 2-3 Hours.
  13. The amount will be shown in your deposit wallet after approving the deposit request.
  14. You will get an email from website that your amount is successfully deposited.

How to Start investments?

  1. Open your Dashboard of
  2. Click on investment option.
  3. You will se different Profit Plans.
  4. Choose the plans according to your deposit wallet.
  5. Click on invest now button the plan.
  6. Choose the Wallet.
  7. Enter the amount, you want to invest.
  8. Click on Invest Now.

How to Earn Through Referrals?

  1. Open your dashboard of
  2. Click on Referrals option.
  3. Copy the referral code and sent it to your friends, relatives, everyone.
  4. Invite them on the Tradingcoinz website.
  5. When they will register and deposit the amount, you will get 2.5% commission automatically.
  6. The commission will automatically added to your account.
  7. Also you will get an email from website that you get a deposit commission.

How to withdraw Money?

  1. Open your dashboard of
  2. Click on withdraw option.
  3. Investors can withdraw money at any time.
  4. Minimum amount to withdraw is 8$.
  5. Choose the currency, USD or PKR.
  6. Enter the amount (interest wallet amount) you want to withdraw.
  7. Click on Submit.
  8. Enter Your Wallet Address, where you want to withdraw payment.
  9. Upload your interest wallet screenshot.
  10. Click Withdraw.
  11. Congratulation, you withdraw your payment.

Earn Rewards Every week from Tradingcoinz

Yes, this website also gives free rewards to their users EVERY-WEEK. They giveaway 10$ everyweek to their Pakistani Investors. As the CEO of this company belongs to Pakistan. They want to make this Tradingcoinz project life changing for everyone in Pakistan. That’s why they introduces these Rewards for their Pakistani Investors.

Investors had to invite the users on through their referral link. And the more you invited people, the more chances that you will earn reward. Also the more exciting rewards will be introduces in the FUTURE.

Does Anyone Earn these Rewards?

The answer is yes. The one who invites more investors will earn rewards from Tradingcoinz Webite. Either they belong to any country. Investors will find more interesting and BIG rewards after every 5 months.

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