How to use GPT-4: 10 examples to discover

Interested in discovering the revolutionary capabilities of GPT-4? This new multimodal AI model is able to interpret both text and images. GPT-4 is not available for free on the OpenAI site. To use GPT-4, you will need to subscribe to the paid ChatGPT Plus subscription. If you want to access the GPT-4 API, you will need to join the OpenAI waiting list.

Another possibility for testing GPT-4: you can use Microsoft’s new Bing, which is based on this new AI model, which notably allows it to adopt different response styles: creative, balanced and precise.

1. Interpret the context of an image

This is one of the major new features of GPT-4: the interpretation of images. The new ChatGPT can now analyze images and give you an accurate description of them. It is also able to suggest new ideas from the image. For example, you can insert a photo with ingredients and it will show you the possible recipes to make. In the cases presented below, GPT-4 understands what is funny in the images and explains it.

2. Generate creative texts

Creativity is in the spotlight with the new ChatGPT powered by GPT-4. It responds much better to the creative expectations of users. So this new AI model can learn to replicate a user’s writing style to generate ideas that better match the requested prompts. GPT-4 can deliver amazing results for songwriting or screenwriting, for example.

The case below is an example unveiled by OpenAI, GPT-4 is able to respond to this prompt: “Explain the plot of Cinderella in a sentence where each word must begin with the next letter of the alphabet from A to Z, without repeating any letter. »

Creativity increased with GPT-4. © Open AI

3. Summarize texts of 25,000 words

Another strong point: GPT-4 can manage more than 25,000 words, compared to around 3,000 words for its predecessor. This means it can summarize longer documents but also create longer content from a prompt. The key: extended conversations with the new ChatGPT!

In this example, GPT-4 parses text from a Wikipedia page to respond to the requested prompt. © Open AI

4. Turn sketches into websites or apps

On the web development side, GPT-4 also proves its worth when you see the example below. From a simple drawing on paper, the AI ​​model will be able to generate a functional website.

5. Create a video game in just 1 minute

GPT-4 can also generate code very quickly to help you design video games. The example below is striking: the user was able to recreate the famous game of Pong in 60 seconds thanks to the new AI model.

6. Recreate the Snake game without JavaScript skills

Still on the gaming side, a user managed to recreate “The Snake game that runs in your browser using Chat GPT-4 and Replit with ZERO knowledge of Javascript, all in less than 20 minutes. » Enough to make you want to test the new AI model!

7. Create a Chrome Extension

In the example below, the user tested a prompt with instructions to create a Chrome extension. He managed to create his extension, without any coding experience. GPT-4 generated code for him and accompanied him step by step to complete this project. Impressive ! On the other hand, it could well make it easier for cybercriminals who develop fake extensions in the name of ChatGPT…

8. Learn a language quickly

During the presentation of GPT-4, OpenAI presented examples of companies that are already using its new model of AI. Among them: Duolingo, a recognized application for learning foreign languages. GPT-4 is multilingual at an advanced stage, which has allowed Duolingo to launch new features, including one called role playing, allowing you to chat with a fictional character to progress in another language.

On the right, we see the Role Play function with a fictional French character “Order in a Parisian café”. © Duolingo

9. Dealing with complex legal issues

GPT-4 can also don a lawyer’s robe to answer legal questions. An example below is given by the CEO of DoNotPay: a legal services chatbot. He indicates that his company “is working on using GPT-4 to generate “one-click lawsuits” to sue robocallers for $1,500. »

10. Answer your daily questions

Head over to the new Bing to test GPT-4’s ability to answer all kinds of questions, even about plans for 2023! You will need to create a Microsoft account to access it (it is possible to connect with a Gmail address). This will allow you to test the 3 Microsoft chatbot personality styles: creative, balanced and precise.

Here is the creative style of Microsoft’s chatbot. © CaptureBDM