ChatGPT arrives on Slack: access, features, all to know

Available in beta version, this new application will offer research and writing assistance tools.

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Chat GPT App Slack

The app “combines the knowledge of Slack with the intelligence of ChatGPT”. © Slack

An application developed by OpenAI for Slack

In recent days, Salesforce announced the launch of its generative AI Einstein GPT, made for its CRM in association with OpenAI. This new artificial intelligence merges the technology developed by Salesforce and that used for ChatGPT. This Tuesday, March 7, the software publisher announced an additional step for its partnership with OpenAI, with the arrival of the ChatGPT application for Slack, its collaborative messaging tool.

This new app combines the insights found in Slack with the intelligence of ChatGPT, enabling customers to get the insights they need to move their work forward faster.

What does this new application offer?

ChatGPT for Slack can carry out different missions:

  • summaries of conversations : by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the conversation (as presented below), the user can summarize the exchanges made with his colleagues,
  • researches : AI will be able to provide answers “on any project or subject”,
  • editorial assistanceto help communicate with clients and teams, or to produce meeting notes.

Regarding data confidentiality, Salesforce wants to reassure future users: the data transmitted to the application will not be used by OpenAI to train its artificial intelligence.

Gif ChatGPT Slack
This update will optimize the organization, in particular thanks to the summaries of conversations. © Slack

This new tool is currently available in beta version. If you want to be one of the users to have preview access to the application, you can register on waiting list on the OpenAI website!