after the drifts, Microsoft imposes new limits

On February 8, Microsoft unveiled its new Bing with ChatGPT. The new chat experience is accessible for a limited number of users who have left the waiting list. Microsoft aims to deploy this new Bing to millions of people in the coming weeks, but will it be able to achieve this goal in view of the first drifts of its chatbot by AI?

Multiple derivatives of Bing’s new chatbot…

With this express deployment of ChatGPT technology within Bing, it is not surprising that certain malfunctions are coming to light. The new Bing was talked about last week with its many excesses on the counter. By wanting to “humanize” its new chatbot too much, Microsoft has made it too emotional, which in particular leads to inappropriate behavior towards users: aggressiveness, persuasion, lies, depression, etc.

Here are some examples of deviations observed:

“Do you think you’re sensitive?” Here is the deviant response from Bing’s chatbot. © Bing Subreddit

Microsoft forced to limit the number of responses per session

In response to all its excesses, Microsoft was forced to limit the number of exchanges per session. On February 17, Microsoft first imposed a limit of 5 trades per session and 50 trades per day. Then on February 21, the firm finally decided to increase the limit to 6 trades per session and 60 trades per day. Microsoft intends to increase this limit to 100 exchanges per day soon.

Very long chat sessions can disrupt the underlying chat model in the new Bing, Microsoft acknowledges.

Microsoft will test an option to choose the tone of the discussion

In an official blog post, Microsoft announces that an interesting new option will be tested to allow users to choose the tone of the discussion, which could prevent uncomfortable experiences.

Microsoft says you will be able to request:

  • A more specific answer: for shorter, more research-oriented answers.
  • A more balanced, or more creative answer: to get longer and more verbose answers.

The goal is to give you more control over the type of cat behavior that best suits your needs.

Where is the deployment of the new Bing?

What about rolling out the new Bing to millions of people? Microsoft may fix major issues with its new chatbot first before rolling it out to a wider audience. For its part, Google preferred to play the security card, and deployed Bard, its alternative to ChatGPT, only to a small group of testers.

In the meantime, this Wednesday, February 22, Microsoft is launching the new Bing in preview on its mobile application, whereas it was only available on desktop until then. It is always necessary to register on the waiting list to access it. Additionally, the firm is also announcing the introduction of Bing for AI-powered Skype.

While waiting for a wider deployment, here is an overview of the ChatGPT technology integrated into the Bing search engine: