access, limits, 5 things that have changed since March

One month after the launch of the new Bing, powered by ChatGPT technology, Microsoft has reached a new milestone: more than 100 million daily active users on Bing! While waiting for GPT-4 which could be presented this week, we take stock of the latest news from Bing ChatGPT!

1. Expanded access to new Bing

While access to the new Bing was very restricted at its launch, millions of active users can now access it in preview. Microsoft is gradually expanding access to its new AI-based experience. If you want to test Microsoft’s ChatGPT, here are the steps to follow.

Interestingly, of the millions of active users of the new version of Bing, about a third of them are new to Bing, Microsoft points out.

To know: at launch, only access to the web version was available, but since the end of February, it has been possible to test Microsoft’s chatbot directly on the Bing and Edge mobile applications.

2. New response tones for the chatbot

Microsoft has implemented 3 different answer styles for its Bing ChatGPT: more creative (original answers), more balanced (reasonable and coherent answers) and more precise (synthesized answers).

Each style has a different conversation color. © CaptureBDM

3. A less limited number of responses for the chatbot

Since the many abuses of its chatbot, Microsoft wanted to rectify the situation by imposing response limits on its Bing ChatGPT. Because the longer the conversation with the chatbot, the more it could slip! Until now, the response limit was 6 per session, but Microsoft has just increased it to 10. The total number of sessions has also been revised upwards by the firm, it is now 120 per day.

We are currently experimenting with even longer chat sessions, and you can expect these numbers to continue to increase over time, Microsoft says in its latest blog post.

4. The arrival of Bing ChatGPT in Windows 11

Major novelty: Microsoft integrates its new Bing into the search bar of Windows 11 users. What to give increased visibility to its new conversational service! Only those who got the latest Windows 11 update can take advantage of this new integration.

Soon, hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users will be able to access this amazing new technology to search, chat, answer questions and generate content right on their Windows taskbar, Microsoft points out.

The new Bing is accessible directly via the search bar. © Microsoft

5. Faster responses on Skype

Finally, for those who have tested the new Bing on Skype, Microsoft is making improvements to reduce chatbot response time: “You told us that Bing was slow to respond to your Skype conversations. We’ve cut Bing’s chat response latency in half, so you get responses faster. »

Good to know: the firm indicates that you will need to download the latest version of Skype to take advantage of the new improved experience.

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