5 new features expected with iOS 16.4

1. The arrival of new emojis

Finally ! With iOS 16.4, Apple will support Unicode 15.0, to offer 31 new emojis. On the program: a new smiley, 3 colored hearts (light blue, gray and pink), and new animals!

Discover the new emojis

2. Push notifications for web apps

Now, websites saved as an app on the home screen of an Apple smartphone will have the ability to send push notifications to iPhone or iPad owners.

As a reminder, to save a website as an application: go to the site in question via Safari, then click on the share button (represented by the icon with a square and an arrow), and click on On the home screen.

An example of a push notification sent via a website on the iPhone. © Webkit

3. An app update Podcasts

The app Podcasts from Apple is improved on iPhone, but also iPad, Mac and CarPlay. Among the new features:

  • A new “Channels” tab, which includes all the podcast channels followed (free and paid),
  • Queue improvement, which offers more adequate recommendations, as well as new tools to sort the order of episodes,
  • More advanced statistics, to enable podcast creators to understand how listeners interact with their content.
A new “Channels” tab appears with iOS 16.4. © Apple

4. A new tab to access Apple betas

iOS 16.4 has a new tab named “Beta Updates” in its application Settings (specifically in: Settings > General > Software Update). The objective: to facilitate access to betas for members of the Apple Developer Programthus avoiding having to create a configuration profile from the website.

Public betas (accessible to everyone) will also be available from this tab.

5. The redesign of the Home application

The Home app update has been rolled out with iOS 16.2. But after numerous bugs, the developers decided to roll back. iOS 16.4 again offers an update to the Home application, with the proposed new architecture, which improves the performance and reliability of the control of connected accessories.

Bonus: turn off your iPhone with Siri

The OS update will allow you to use Siri to turn off your iPhone. Specifically, if you say “Hey Siri, turn off my iPhone”, the voice assistant will ask you to confirm your request. However, you will need to press the button To extinguishwhich will appear in a message sent by Siri, to trigger the action.