5 ideas to reduce your daily expenses

On a daily basis, SMEs are confronted with many costs: travel, business telephony, communication, management tools, indirect costs, etc. In this time of inflation, it may be particularly relevant to study certain areas of expenditure to optimize them. We take stock!

1. Favor videoconferencing to limit travel

The cost of gasoline being higher and higher, it is preferable to reduce the number of trips. If some meetings can be held remotely with customers or suppliers, do not hesitate to favor virtual meetings through a videoconference tool. For example, you can use Google Meet or kMeet for free for your virtual meetings.

At stake : major savings on your company’s gas costs.

2. Choose a VoIP solution for your business calls

A VoIP solution (Voice over Internet Protocol, or “voice over IP” in French) allows employees of a company to initiate or receive calls from their computer, tablet or smartphone. Voice and video calls are transmitted over the Internet (wired or Wi-Fi). In other words: no more need to set up a traditional network with telephone sets!

At stake : savings on all expenses related to the installation and updating of business telephony equipment.

3. Communicate online rather than on paper media

Printing many print materials such as flyers, letters, posters, kakemonos, can quickly become very expensive for an SME, especially if the service is outsourced. To reduce your costs, you can certainly adjust your communication media in some cases, and why not favor digital channels. A few examples: email campaigns instead of letters, publications on social networks instead of flyers, online ticketing instead of paper registration, etc.

At stake : savings on paper and money, but also more online visibility.

4. Choose software adapted to your structure

Each company uses software on a daily basis for the management of their company and for their business issues. Sometimes, employees have been working on the same tool for more than 10 years, but needs can change (especially if the company is growing rapidly). Over time, new SaaS solutions are also emerging on the various markets…

It may be interesting to analyze the different existing platforms and the new rates offered for certain areas such as: CRM, ERP, invoicing, payroll, etc. Then, it’s up to you to compete in order to negotiate the prices.

At stake : savings on your software and the discovery of new tools.

5. Monitor your overheads to optimize them

Without forgetting the famous general expenses which can have a strong impact on the good health of the company if they are not well managed. In concrete terms, these are all the indirect costs linked to the operation of your structure: rent, rental charges, insurance costs, accounting costs, maintenance costs (equipment maintenance), bank charges, etc. It is important to monitor your costs on a daily basis so as not to have any unpleasant surprises and to react in time if necessary.

At stake : major savings per month on your indirect costs.