10 shortcuts to better use your iPhone

1. Activate the secret key on the back of your iPhone

Secret Story !

There is a shortcut to activate in the Settings of your iPhone. Meet in Settings > General > Accessibility > Touch > Touch the back of the device. VYou can create a shortcut that activates when you touch the back of your smartphone (2 or 3 times). This option is intended to facilitate accessibility for people with limited motor functions but can ultimately be useful for everyone. Among the shortcuts available: launch the camera, take a screenshot, send a message, activate the flashlight, increase the volume, mute the sound, etc.

Go to your Settings to enable this option. © BDM assembly

2. Add Shortcut Widgets to Your Lock Screen

To never take your eyes off the weather…

With the iOS 16 update, you can add widgets as shortcuts directly to your lock screen. Previously, widgets were only available on the home screen. The advantage? No need to unlock your iPhone to open a web page, access your mailbox or check the weather forecast, for example.

Here’s how to add shortcut widgets on your iPhone:

  1. Long press on the locked screen,
  2. Click on PersonalizeThen Lock screen,
  3. Click on Add Widgetsand choose the ones you want.
Long press on the locked screen to add widgets. © BDM assembly

3. Use your control center for quick access

Houston control tower, do you read me?

You access the control center via a simple switch starting from the upper right corner of your smartphone. As the name suggests, it gives you control over a significant number of options: power saving mode, flashlight, shazam, screen video recording, and more. To customize your control center, go to Settings > Control Center.

You can choose your control center options. © BDM assembly

4. Add a webpage as a shortcut on the locked screen

Ready for a Safari?

Because the option is available on Safari, Apple’s browser. Do you regularly visit the same web page? The BDM home page for example? Open the web page in question on Safari, click the share button at the bottom center, then click the option On the home screenrename your page as desired and click Add. You find your web page displayed as an application on your home screen!

You can add a web page as a shortcut on your home screen. © BDM assembly

5. Take a screenshot easily

Screenshot tour!

To take a screenshot, just press the volume up button (left) and the side button (right) at the same time and you’re done. The capture appears at the bottom left, you can click on it to edit it.

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6. Get quick access to Apple Pay

money money money

If you have saved your bank cards in the Cards (Wallet) application, simply press the side button on the right twice to access them quickly. If that doesn’t work, go to Settings > Cards and Apple Pay to activate the option.

This option allows you to access your bank cards in two clicks. © BDM assembly

7. Activate Siri to start a timer

Wait a minute !

To activate Apple’s voice assistant, just say “Hey Siri”. You can ask him for many things: to write a message, to tell you the weather, but also to start a timer, which can be really practical whether it’s for cooking or your sports exercises! Here are the magic formulas to know: “Hey Siri, start a 10-minute timer” / “Hey Siri, turn off the timer”.

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8. Use option Text Replacement

cc tlm!

This option lets you create text shortcuts that you can use later in your messaging apps. Meet in Settings > General > Keyboard > Override. Then tap the + to add alt text. For example, you can enter “cc tlm” in Shortcut for “Hello everyone!”. Thus, when you write “cc tlm” in a message, the text will automatically be replaced by the entire expression.

The option to create text shortcuts for your messages. © BDM assembly

9. Use your iPhone’s search bar

Navigate without wandering!

Instead of trudging through your iPhone to find an app, use the search bar (named Spotlight by Apple). When you are on your home screen, a simple switch from the middle of the screen down allows you to access the search bar. Apple also suggests apps intelligently based on your daily use.

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10. Create your own shortcuts

You are never better served than by yourself

In the abyss of your iPhone, there is an application called Shortcuts (see point number 9 to find it). This app integrated into the iPhone since iOS 13 allows you to create your own shortcuts to actions you perform daily in your applications. You can then add these shortcuts as a widget to your home screen.

The app’s name is easy to remember: Shortcuts. © BDM assembly

Another interesting point: with the app Shortcutsyou can automate certain tasks such as scheduling an SMS in advance or creating an alert for your battery, for example.

Bonus: put a photo as a shortcut on your iPhone

To shorten photos on your iPhone screen, you can:

  • Add the Photos widget: make a long press on your home screen (in a vacuum, not on an application), click on the + at the top left, search for the application Pictures to add the photo memories widget. Every day you will see photos from your gallery appear on your home screen.
  • Add the Locket widget: this application allows you to share photos between friends directly from the home screen of your iPhone.

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