10 ideas for questions to ask

Find out how ChatGPT can help community managers on a daily basis.

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ChatGPT, your new CM apprentice! © irissca – stock.adobe.com

According to our latest survey of community managers in France, writing is the most time-consuming task in the profession. Do you work as a CM? Good news: ChatGPT, an AI text generator, can help you write content, but not only… More generally, OpenAI’s chatbot can help you increase your productivity and improve your social media strategy.

ChatGPT: 10 ideas for community managers

ChatGPT can help social media experts in many fields. Here are 10 examples of requests (also called prompts) to ask ChatGPT:

  1. Post writing: Can you write me a post for a photo contest?
  2. Creation of ideas: Can you give me Instagram Stories ideas to promote an event?
  3. Writing a script: Can you write me a script for a 30 second video on this theme?
  4. Rewording of text: Can you reformulate this text for me by making it more humorous and more engaging for our followers on Instagram?
  5. Moderation: Can you help me respond to this comment or message in a polite and caring way?
  6. Sharing tips: What types of content can I create on LinkedIn to meet this objective (awareness, engagement, conversion, etc.)?
  7. Mistakes to avoid: What mistakes should I avoid for a live on Instagram?
  8. Market research: Can you find influential brands in this specific field on Instagram?
  9. Search for influencers: Can you list me accounts of French influencers on Instagram in this specific area?
  10. Subject matter expertise: Can you explain what GPT-3 is?

Advice to follow: you may not be satisfied with ChatGPT’s first answer to your question. You can ask him to adjust his answer to better meet your expectations. For example : can you suggest a shorter text? Can you rephrase by adopting a less serious tone? Can you provide more concrete actions to put in place? Can you add a sentence that mentions these conditions?. The more descriptive you are, the more specific ChatGPT’s response will be.

Here is an example of a query on ChatGPT. © OpenAI / CaptureBDM

ChatGPT limitations to consider as a CM

While it may be beneficial to use ChatGPT to save time on certain tasks, it is important to also address the limitations of ChatGPT. It is true that the OpenAI chatbot can generate quite impersonal responses, so you will have to think about reformulating the generated content to add your touch!

As a CM, you will also need to ensure the reliability and neutrality of the information provided by the AI ​​because ChatGPT has been trained on a lot of data, it could very well sometimes give wrong or inappropriate answers… So to be used with caution…

Finally, remember that ChatGPT relies on a knowledge base that hasn’t been updated since 2021, which means you won’t have data on the latest social media news. Alternatives to ChatGPT provide more up-to-date data if you want to dig deeper.